The keeping of goldfish in ponds and ceramic bowls is a centuries old pastime. It has only been in recent times, with the availability of glass aquariums, that goldfish have been able to be viewed naturally from their side.

In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, viewing goldfish from the top is something imbedded in both cultures. This has meant that some varieties of goldfish are bred specifically for being viewed from the top in a pond. Varieties of goldfish specifically developed for ponds are Wakin, Tosakin, Jikin and Top View Ranchu (TVR). Wakin are the top selling variety of goldfish in Japan and yet relatively unknown in NZ. Likewise koi carp are rarely kept in aquariums but are chosen for their shape, colour and scale patterns when viewed from the top. However, many of these varieties of goldfish and koi are unavailable to those living in New Zealand due to biosecurity restrictions.

At Goldfish Outlet we understand the frustration of people who have seen other varieties of goldfish overseas but are unable to own them while living in New Zealand. However, we also understand and support the government’s restrictions on the importation of goldfish and koi to try protect New Zealand’s fragile and unique freshwater environment. Therefore, we have decided that we will fill the gap by using what is available to us to create a range of fish which satisfies the needs of those who want to keep goldfish in ponds. Our experience in farming goldfish excites us with the unfilled and unrealised opportunities still available to all New Zealanders should they wish to take up the passion of keeping ornamental fish in ponds in New Zealand.

Our Goal
As a producer of goldfish, it is our goal to produce goldfish which specifically meet the needs of those wanting to view their fish in a traditional and natural way, in ponds and from the top.

Why the difference?
When a fish is viewed from its side, what we see is very different from what would be seen from the top, including:

  • the colour pattern
  • the angle of the fins and scales to the light
  • the body and fin shape
  • the apparent swimming motion

The differences can be so great that a fish that looks beautiful when viewed side on in an aquarium may look very ordinary when viewed in a pond from the top. So when buying fish for your pond it is critical that you choose fish that you like the look of when viewed from above, as you will do when the fish are in your pond.