Why would you want to buy goldfish from Pondfish Outlet?

  • You are buying directly from the farm with no middleman, which means that our prices are lower.
  • With extensive experience growing freshwater fish, you get access to knowledgeable advice for any questions about keeping goldfish in ponds.
  • Our custom built farm enables us to grow significant quantities of goldfish to larger sizes at affordable prices.
  • We understand the needs of those wanting to keep goldfish in ponds and therefore breed and grow fish specifically for this purpose.
  • Our lower prices mean that you can stock your pond with larger fish more cost effectively. This is important as small fish can be hard to see in a pond and they are more vulnerable to predation and disease.
  • You are able to stock your pond with large fish that have an immediate visual impact, providing a more satisfying pond keeping experience as you observe and interact with the fish.
  • We are able to provide fish that are much larger than would likely grow in your own pond if you were to initially stock it with small fish that you hope to grow up.
  • We are a licensed fish farm that must follow strict regulations and standards. Our biosecurity protocols are designed to prevent the spread of fish disease, which benefits you the customer and the New Zealand environment as a whole.